These Two Cannot Wait To Get Home So They Get It On In A Car

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Since you have to still deal with the person, just pay the rages no attention, and keep it professional. Continue the mental disengagement.

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    The original was a throw away in a long line of other mix matched monster movies, megaladon, boa vs python, etc etc.. Sharknado just seemed to hit the right amount of seriousness and campiness to become a cult classic with its over the top ridiculousness. Of course they're going to milk it as long as they can, which is okay. Everyone knows it's supposed to be dumber than a bag of hammers and silly. I think they even did one in space. There's no telling though when a campy silly series will... jump the shark.

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    1 Yes I watched it and finshed it

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    How to fail in a Thread

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    Some scream and some dont !! Lol.

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These Two Cannot Wait To Get Home So They Get It On In A Car
These Two Cannot Wait To Get Home So They Get It On In A Car
These Two Cannot Wait To Get Home So They Get It On In A Car