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Yep, everyone in our circle has thick enough skin. Everyone is playful and enjoys poking fun. Sometimes you cross a line in doing so. But everyone here being so close, it's easily washed over.

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-sanctioned territory to include much of that reserved for the Palestinians. A couple.

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  1. DP a Katy Caro
    Tuzil 5 months ago

    Crystal are you over 18???

  2. Douk 5 months ago

    Only a hopeless fancy, but I would like to see a responsible and faithful adaptation of Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror and The Colour Out of Space. In my view, **ALL** former adaptations, including those of TDH and TCOOS, have stunk to high heaven. I say this as an HPL devotee. The only one that comes close to conveying "the real Lovecraft" was The Whisperer in Darkness, but even that excellent adaptation took liberties with the story; but at least, those liberties were "in the Lovecraft style" and didn't sink the film.

  3. Знакомства
    Malajinn 5 months ago

    Gawd I love this. Thanks for sharing, Tanya.

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DP a Katy Caro
DP a Katy Caro