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Well, the group silent treatment is a bit different. I think it's targeted. As for Twitter or social media, unfollowing someone doesn't necessarily signify you are getting the silent treatment. I mute and/or unfollow friends all the time not because I don't respect their opinion but rather I'm tired of hearing/seeing about it on my social feed. Also, 'online friend' can mean something different to another person so perhaps it's best to see if your standing is on par.

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" Finally she began to speak, "You've been a bad boy mister, and paybacks can be hell!", and laughed. I sighed. The destruction of the Jewish people became the official policy of the Nazi reich.

Until he finished. Until then, I had been unaware of how hard it was. Sherry looked at Lucie feeling proud that she had been able to help rescue three of her brothers and sisters. Even the scars became lighter, although they bothered Linda a hell of a lot more than they worried me. The faraway look confirmed to him that she was talking to her ship. You might as Nicole Ray threesome kill me also.

"Would you like another drink, first, or shall we just go to bed now?" How would you answer that question when a stunning, naked blond (Her pubic hair, whats left of it, matches the hair on her head. "I cant watch!" Stephanie squealed as she buried her face in my chest.

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" I stammered and she laughed. Oh I wanted this so badly. I looked at her in the dark and could see the outline of her face looking at me. We drank a couple of beers each and had a little buzz going, but still completely aware of what was happening.

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  1. Mor
    Mor 3 months ago

    Not to website , just here. I thought I did have website but cannot find it now 😒

  2. Arashishakar
    Arashishakar 2 months ago

    I saw teasers for Do's new drama & you immediately came to mind. What are your thoughts on it?

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You and teenager Amanda
You and teenager Amanda
You and teenager Amanda